"Simulation Centers" is a photographic documentation of recently organized, closed to the public spaces in hospitals, designed exclusively for practical training of medical students and staff. Simulation Center does not differ from any other part of a hospital, despite the fact that it is far better equipped whereas the patients’ place has been taken by human-like robots simulating life functions and reactions.  Humanoids’ appearance is often rather grotesque than realistic. Nevertheless the unreal or even bizarre presence of the uncanny effigies, simulation aims preparing the future medics to direct confrontation with real human patients. The practical skills that were earned by years of professional practice in the past, are now gained on the grounds of confrontation with the machines. Interestingly, interaction with a machine is supposed to teach the trainees not only the knowledge about human body, but also empathy. Each operating room neighbors with a small studio. The two spaces are separated with Venetian mirrors and connected with a loud-speaking system. During simulation, Center’s staff member located in the studio simulates patient’s verbal reactions. It is the unpredictable course of the training and precisely simulated reaction of the automatic bodies that force the trainees to engage emotionally in the strange theater. Although it does not involve a real human neither the horrific view of flesh and blood, the simulation are uncannily authentic and highly stressful.

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