The Making Of project was realised simultaneously to Family Album - reality of fiction, as a documentation of work in progress. Surprisingly, the "backstage" proved to depict more than the meticulously staged scene itself.

Making Of takes up the subject of representation and analogy. It refers to the area “beyond the frame”, to the reality that remains unregistered by a camera. Hence, the photographs seem closer to the idea of the text rather than to the incomplete photographic record in There are things here not seen in this photography by Duane Michals. The mannequins in the pictures play role of a rhetorical symbol. A doll, as well as a camera, is analogous. Both refer to reality, reflect and distort the image of "the real".Thus, they both behold the power of exposing more than is seemingly visible. Both, abandoned by an animateur, prove inanimate mechanisms of perceptibly unexploited potential and imagery.

Making Of,

Exhibition view,

Homo Absurdus exhibition, Balucka Gallery,

Lodz 2018