„Rather an image than a human being”, one might say about the bodily disguised silhouettes. Indeed, once filmed, the masked characters turn into Mitchellian visual representations; timeless, virtual, uncannily personified images that, strangely, seem to own and express desires. The disguised personas are speechlessly and endlessly making ambiguous gestures that express both, self-adoration and narcissistic, erotic desires in uncanny and hypnotizing manner. Simultaneously, the characters seem strangely perplexed, as if they were lost in time and reality in the strange, never-ending pursue for understanding who they are and what defines them.


Media: video/ 16mm film, multi-channel projection

Year of production: 2018-2019

Location: Shanghai / Hong Kong / Augsburg

Format: Full HD / 16mm film,

Duration: Looped

Sound: No

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