Sisyphus luck comprises of multiple short videos and an installation/performance. While the videos are playing simultaneously, each of them depicts a struggle of the main character with their foibles, idee-fixes, procrastination and fears. Only one clip has a soundtrack.

The persona in a white, uncannily human mask, in Beckettian manner rests in solitude in an obscure room that assciates with The Fall by Camus. The character seems absurdly attached to an ambiguous prop and ceaselessly awaits through the imagined life chances.The rythm of a clock gives the regular pace to of all the presented images and emphazises the neverendless of their action. The videos are accompanied with a performative installation. Two human hands are constantly moving the objects placed on a table in front of them. The white still-life is combined of desk-job utensils: perncils, sharpener, rubber, etc. The hands are moving slowly in the endless pursue for the perfect order of things.


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